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IBM DS3400 Redundant Controllers and Bad Batteries, eNet Cable Fail

April 11, 2010

Recently my IBM DS3400 SAN gave an alert that the controller batteries had to be changed out. So after ordering some batteries, receiving them, it was time to perform a battery exchange. The steps are quite straight forward but still require a bit of forethought. I run IBM System Storage Manager 10 from within a…

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VMotion – Redundant Power Supplies Aid in Migration

March 11, 2009

Virtualization is all about redundancy. Redundant network switches, frabric switches, power supplies, and of course redundant hosts.  Recently, I had to reorganize my entire data center. I was removing equipment and moving equipment. I was trying to reduce everything to either a single rack or a pair of half height racks to save on space,…

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