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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Remediate Updates when vCops or vShield in Use

April 23, 2012

Remediation of vSphere patches when vCops and vShield is in use poses several problems. These problems came to be as I prepared myself to apply the most recent set of updates. Actually my first updates since moving to vSphere 5. The problems can be surmised as two VMware Update Manager failures.

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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Migrating Existing Hosts to vSphere 5, Host Profiles not Enough!

January 11, 2012

This is the week end I move all my existing hosts to vSphere 5, to make way for some other work. Actually, I will migrate 2 of 3 hosts, while leaving one host at vSphere 4, more later on why. While Host Profiles has greatly improved, it is still not sufficient when updating and migrating…

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vSphere 5 Upgrade Saga: Planning the Upgrade

September 19, 2011

With vSphere 5 there are some new considerations as well as the same old set of considerations for upgrading from older versions of vSphere and Virtual Infrastructures.

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