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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Fixing VMware VDR

I have been running VMware Data Recovery (VDR)  through its paces for quite a while now and while it works, I am not sold on it yet. I have had way too many problems related to the target datastore. Specifically, a continual failed integrity check. Everything ran fine for a while and then poof, a failure, and just when I needed it the most.  It has been a very frustrating state of affairs. But I finally found a solution that is working for now. In the meantime I will be running Veeam Backup and Replication, Quest vRanger, PHD Virtual, and several other backup tools through their paces. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: Fixing VMware VDR

vSphere Upgrade – The Backup Saga

I recently donated the last of my DL380 G3 systems to Keefe Technical Highschool for use as their ESX v3 Cluster. The only issue was that this machine was also my last remaining server that I had yet to virtualized and it was my backup server with quite a bit of disk space, connection to my tape libraries and my DISC Blu-Safe backup library. To virtualize my backup server was going to be difficult at best as I am switching entirely from Tape devices to Blu-ray devices.

I explained this choice in another post but suffice it to say, I need to be able to connect this USB device to a VM and then use it as part of my backup solution. This required a bit more work than before as now I had to include in my vNetwork a USB over IP device that would allow not only my printer but my Blu-Safe to be seen by multiple and individual VMs.  For this I chose the Belkin FL5009 5-port USB over IP device. While it has its issues, such as not working across a NAT, it does however allow me to share my printer with other VMs while locking the Blu-Safe to a very specific VM. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade – The Backup Saga