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Neuton Power — Still Positive

I was not able to get to my yard for 3 weeks so the grass was once more 4-5″ high and a bit damp from all the rain we had. My Neuton Power 6.3 mowed this down with no issues. The old Black & Decker CMM1000 in its heyday still would have taken 3 days to complete. While I took 2 days to finish everything with the Neuton Power it was not the lack of charge that slowed me down. But my own abilities to do everything in one day. Next time I fully expect to use just one battery charge for the entire yard. 1 charge got 3/4s of the field and the second battery wiped out the rest of the upper deck brush and the other half of the yard.  This included using the weed whacker attachment. I know it is hard to picture my yard but let me tell you this is a vast improvement and the yard looks much better now. Continue reading Neuton Power — Still Positive

Neuton Power — Going Green with Yard Work

I have documented my steps to go green within my small data center. But I have been going green with yard work for years as I have been using a battery powered mower for over 15 years.  But now I have found something much better and it will save me in charging costs moving forward. What is this? Neuton Power CE6.3 Lawn Mower.

Over 15 years ago, when I lived in Austin TX, Austin had a trade in program: Bring your gas mower in and we will give you a voucher to buy a brand new electric corded or battery mower. I took advantage of this and purchased a Black and Decker CMM1000 24 Volt lawn mower. It did yeoman work while it lasted even with all its problems. Continue reading Neuton Power — Going Green with Yard Work