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Retina MacBook Pro with Extra Security

I recently upgraded my 2 generation old Mac Book Pro to a new Retina Mac Book Pro and inadvertently found a way to increase security of the device. I thought it was originally a bug, but after discussing with several Apple Technicians, what I did, while inadvertently is by design.  In essence, I added a secondary login screen to my Retina Mac Book Pro with each requiring a different set of credentials. But how did this happen and is it worth the extra layer of protection? Continue reading Retina MacBook Pro with Extra Security

Moving from Windows 7 to Mac OS Snow Leopard (Updated)

Originally posted on March 26th. Updated for the Holiday Season!

I was in the market for a new Laptop, given that mine is at least 3 years old and starting to show its age with non-working USB ports, one blown power supply, and failing batteries. My requirements are slightly above the average:

Any laptop must be able to run the following at the same time within a hosted virtualization solution such as VMware Workstation or Fusion.