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vSphere Upgrade Saga: vCenter 5.5

It has been a while since I added to my vSphere Upgrade Saga, but everything has been running smoothly. Now it is time to upgrade to vSphere 5.5, not because I have to, but because something within SSO broke, and the fix is to use SSO for vCenter 5.5. This leads me to upgrade to vCenter 5.5. What broke? I use the self-signed certificates from VMware for my environment. I probably should not, and that will be fixed shortly, but the long and short of it is that the certificates expired, and an upgrade of vCenter caused SSO, VUM, VIN, and other critical systems to stop talking to each other. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: vCenter 5.5

vSphere Upgrade Saga: ESXi 5 Upgrades with vShield and vCops

It has once more come time to upgrade my hosts with security patches and I have run into one more, but easily worked around issue. Some VMs do not migrate or power-off when entering maintenance mode. These VMs include vShield per host appliances, and surprisingly vCops. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: ESXi 5 Upgrades with vShield and vCops

vSphere Upgrade Saga: VMware vCops 5 Enterprise

I have been using vCops Advanced since v1.0, but wanted to get more of an experience with vCops Enterprise. Specifically, the most recent GA version 5.  Installing all the different components of vCops Enterprise is not a task for the faint of heart and there are so many pre-requisites, that it becomes increasing more difficult to keep everything going.  The easiest component to install and configure was vCops 5, itself. With vCenter Infrastructure Navigator a close second, but VMware Configuration Manager, has even more dependencies and due to these, it is not so simple to install. Perhaps, this is why there is no trial available on VMware’s website. Even so, with good planning all these tools can be installed and made available. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: VMware vCops 5 Enterprise

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Remediate Updates when vCops or vShield in Use

Remediation of vSphere patches when vCops and vShield is in use poses several problems.  These problems came to be as I prepared myself to apply the most recent set of updates. Actually my first updates since moving to vSphere 5. The problems can be surmised as two VMware Update Manager failures: