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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing HP StoreVirtual 11.0

I have had HP StoreVirtual (LeftHand) licenses for some time now, but the previous versions were nearly impossible to install. At least, I could not discover the magic incantation to make them work, so I decided to put that upgrade on hold. Now that 11.0 has come out, as have a host of installers for various hypervisors, I will be giving it another shot. Assuming it installs, it will allow an additional 4TBs to be available to my infrastructure. I am running pretty close to the limits on my current datastores. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing HP StoreVirtual 11.0

vSphere upgrade saga: Fixing backup and other virtual appliances

Ever since I upgraded vCenter Server to v5.1, my backup tool has been failing, unable to connect to vCenter. This is not unexpected as my SSL certificate for vCenter changed, and with that change comes the need to fix my backup tool. How to do this is fairly straight-forward actually.

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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Fixing VMware VDR

I have been running VMware Data Recovery (VDR)  through its paces for quite a while now and while it works, I am not sold on it yet. I have had way too many problems related to the target datastore. Specifically, a continual failed integrity check. Everything ran fine for a while and then poof, a failure, and just when I needed it the most.  It has been a very frustrating state of affairs. But I finally found a solution that is working for now. In the meantime I will be running Veeam Backup and Replication, Quest vRanger, PHD Virtual, and several other backup tools through their paces. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: Fixing VMware VDR