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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing HP StoreVirtual 11.0

I have had HP StoreVirtual (LeftHand) licenses for some time now, but the previous versions were nearly impossible to install. At least, I could not discover the magic incantation to make them work, so I decided to put that upgrade on hold. Now that 11.0 has come out, as have a host of installers for various hypervisors, I will be giving it another shot. Assuming it installs, it will allow an additional 4TBs to be available to my infrastructure. I am running pretty close to the limits on my current datastores. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing HP StoreVirtual 11.0

vSphere upgrade saga: HP Insight Management integration

I have previously written about upgrading HPSIM and installing HP specific offline bundles within my vSphere environment. This was to increase the integration between vCenter, vCloud Director, and my physical hardware. Still, everything was not integrated well enough. Here’s what I did to make this work.

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vSphere upgrade saga: Upgrading the storage on your Iomega ix2-200

While technically not part of my vCloud environment, I use an Iomega ix2-200 as my tertiary storage for ISOs used within my vCloud environment. I also use an 8TB iSCSI server that also acts as my RHEV server. I will be upgrading this later as well with a 10G network card and the latest RHEV. However, this is about my Iomega ix2-200.

1TB is just not enough storage.

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vSphere Upgrade Saga: ESXi 5 Upgrades with vShield and vCops

It has once more come time to upgrade my hosts with security patches and I have run into one more, but easily worked around issue. Some VMs do not migrate or power-off when entering maintenance mode. These VMs include vShield per host appliances, and surprisingly vCops. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: ESXi 5 Upgrades with vShield and vCops

vSphere Upgrade Saga: VMware vCops 5 Enterprise

I have been using vCops Advanced since v1.0, but wanted to get more of an experience with vCops Enterprise. Specifically, the most recent GA version 5.  Installing all the different components of vCops Enterprise is not a task for the faint of heart and there are so many pre-requisites, that it becomes increasing more difficult to keep everything going.  The easiest component to install and configure was vCops 5, itself. With vCenter Infrastructure Navigator a close second, but VMware Configuration Manager, has even more dependencies and due to these, it is not so simple to install. Perhaps, this is why there is no trial available on VMware’s website. Even so, with good planning all these tools can be installed and made available. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: VMware vCops 5 Enterprise