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Optimizing WordPress — Take III

I have written in the past about steps I have taken to optimize WordPress. There are now newer steps to take. Optimizing WordPress addresses the time it takes to render a page, as well as the scores you get via various scoring tools. The goal is to have a fast site, one that displays quickly without error. Unfortunately, that is often at odds with the UI tricks we want to use.

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PageSpeed and Twenty Fourteen Theme

Google PageSpeed is a required tool for the modern website. If your PageSpeed scores are too low, Google ranks you lower. If your site performs badly, Google ranks you lower. If you do not use SSL, Google ranks you lower. So, a good Google PageSpeed score is crucial but not easy to achieve out of the box with the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme. Actually, its out-of-the-box score for mobile is around sixty and for desktop around seventy. These scores are not bad, but they are not very good, either.  Average ranks you lower. Continue reading PageSpeed and Twenty Fourteen Theme

Foray into Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, and Photon

I have made a foray into Jenkins to deploy VMware Photon within my vSphere environment. This foray has the end goal of using Jenkins, VMware Photon, and Docker to deploy applications within my hybrid cloud. I have an increased need to deploy web properties as well as to automatically apply in-depth testing to those properties. Quite frankly, the amount of time it takes me to do these things by hand is just getting to be too much of a time sink, so now it is time to use modern tools to augment my existing scripts. Here is my journey into the new world. Continue reading Foray into Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, and Photon

Removing Genericons from Twenty Fourteen Theme

There are a number of interesting attacks out there, and one of them is related to Genericons, which are used by the Twenty Fourteen theme. There are also serious performance issues with Genericons, so dumping them is a good idea. Here is how I did that without using a child theme. My whole goal for using Twenty Fourteen was to modify it without using a child theme. Not that hard to do, but it does take some forethought. Here is how I achieved this bit of magic and boosted performance at the same time!

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WordPress Hacked: Security Steps Take II

It has been a year since I wrote WordPress Hacked: Security Steps and there are now some new plugins and tools to help with security of your WordPress site.  The steps to take to find hacks are the same as the security steps previously mentioned, but there are some new tools and services that may make your life easier and alleviate more attacks. So here is an updated set of rules, plugins, and actions to take. I suggest Reading the original post as a part of this one. Continue reading WordPress Hacked: Security Steps Take II

WordPress: Optimizing Steps

As you know, I have been working with my WordPress installation to improve security, but also to improve site optimization and speeds to download, etc. In this tools such as Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow have been incredibly useful. My goal has been to increase the Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow scores to as high as possible. This takes quite a bit of effort to achieve, I had some failed starts, bad plugins, and the need to code things to optimize the site more. So here is how I achieved my current score of 82/100 with Pagespeed. More work will be done with the ultimate goal of achieving 100/100, but that will take quite a bit of coding it appears. Continue reading WordPress: Optimizing Steps