News: Tranxition Releases new User Virtualization Solution – AdaptivePersona Foundation

Tranxition has announced the general availability of AdaptivePersona Foundation. This first edition of the AdaptivePersona with its ‘personality hypervisor’ focuses on providing centrally managed virtual desktops.
With desktop virtulization, the desktop application environment  is hosted centrally; typically dynamically provisioned as required. Yet, a user’s workspace is more than an operating system and applications. A user’s profile – containing such apparently trivial components such as application settings, office add-ins, browser bookmarks, short-cut links, recent document links, printer settings – is a vital component to productivity. Storing and maintaining user settings in a structured manner – essentially virutalizing the user’s settings -minimises  support costs and maximises user productivity. Managing user settings is a vital component to providing an effective desktop virtualization solution.
VDI vendors such as Citrix and VMWare have introduced solutions (RTO’s Virtual Profiles for instance) to help manage and reduce user profile load times. Such solutions help reduce the impact of long log on and off times and ‘profile bloat’ but, not the facility to effectively manage a user’s profile. Facilities to allow roll-back of user settings, enable dynamic printer assignment or allow effective switching between application versions still requires third party tools.
Tranxition, who have experience in user setting management with their LiveManage suite of solutions, are entering into a market that has well established competition. For example, Appsense have Environment Manager, Res Software have PowerFuse and Tricerat provide SimplyProfiles. All these solutions offer similar functionality to AdaptivePersona, and indeed, provide user virtualization as part of a suite solution that provides complimentary functionality – such as license management or printer driver management.
With the release of AdaptivePersona Foundation, and its “personality hypervisor” Tranxition introduce a product that allows the underlying infrastructure to change without significantly impacting the user. Utilising their unique SmartShadow technology, developed as part of their Livemanage suite, AdaptivePersona Foundation makes use of  a “thesaurus” of thousands of version-specific synonyms for personality settings: which can be dynamically translated for the specific environment a user is logged into to provide a consistent user experience, regardless of operating system or application version.
Tranxition believe with their Personality Hypervisor and SmartShadow technologies, AdaptivePersona is a simple, easy to manage and cost effective solution for user vitalization.
“Our first edition of the AdaptivePersona solution addresses an urgent requirement for businesses implementing centralized virtual desktops,” said Bob Hoffman, president and COO of Tranxition. “AdaptivePersona Foundation lets organizations deploy personalized virtual desktops to users without the storage and management issues experienced when other solutions are used.”
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