AstroArch Consulting, Inc. began in 1990 as a consulting company provided the first commercially available Billing and Tracking System for Internet Service Providers. AstroArch Consulting, Inc. currently provides consulting, development, and training services for all aspects of the Cloud, High-Performance Computing, Security, and Virtualization.

Visit the Blue Gears Blog where we write about our vSphere Upgrade Saga, WordPress, Security, and other virtualization techniques, tips, and findings as we test third party solutions and manage AstroArch’s and The Virtualization’s Practice’s infrastructures.

Contact us about our product portfolio:

  • SecureESX
  • Mentoring on all aspects of Virtualization and Cloud (including mentoring of other consultants)
  • Virtual and Cloud Environment:
    • Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
    • Best Practices Healthcheck
    • Security Healthcheck
    • Implementation
    • Security Training
  • Virtualization and Cloud Architecture and Design
    • Review of Existing Documentation
    • Writing of New Documentation
  • Large Scale Cloud Forensics
    • Current Research Topic
  • Secure Coding Training
  • Software Development
    • LAMP stack development and design
    • High Performance Computing and Big Data manipulation

Providing Consulting for all your Cloud, Security, and Virtualization Needs