GitHub Repo: DNSCrypt-Proxy Installer

I use dnscrypt-proxy to proxy all my DNS queries through an encrypted tunnel to a DNS server. There is no reason my ISP should be able to see my DNS queries. I have been doing this for quite a while and created a dnscrypt-proxy v1 installer (now a dnscrypt-proxy v2 installer). Actually, I have a number of installers. Now it is time to update dnscrypt-proxy.

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The Science of VDM: The Plan

Virtual Design Master (VDM) is a technology contest in which contestants must create a technology design and then implement as much of that design as they can. Goals are given every week, and every week there is an elimination. Sometimes two people are eliminated, sometimes just one. Many self-eliminate, as it is a large amount of work. In the end, there can be only one, and they become the Virtual Design Master winner for the season. There have now been five seasons.

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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Moving to 10 G Switches

It was time to upgrade my storage network from 1 G switching to 10 G switching. Actually, this was to upgrade the external connections to my virtual environment. The internal connections run at 20 G, as they use the back plane of my blade chassis. The goal was to add my Synology as a 10 G storage device. My existing iSCSI servers were already at 10 G, but not my Synology or any other non-VSA approach to storage. In essence, I needed more 10 G switch ports.

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vSphere Upgrade Saga: HPE StoreVirtual Upgrades Go Bad

I recently decided to disable my very hot, very expensive to cool spinning disk Fibre Channel SAN. It was also the slowest thing on my storage network. It had only 4 GB controllers. Upgrading it would be too expensive at the moment. Instead, I upgraded my HPE StoreVirtual VSAs to have more disk space. As I have licensed up to 10 TBs, I figured I would take advantage of that and increase my storage.

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