Linux Notes: Extending a File System in a Virtual Disk

Recently, a comment came to the community about extending a virtual disk and the filesystem within. Given the filesystem type, it is possible to extend without rebooting the guest operating system, even if it is the boot device. In fact, it has been possible to do this on Linux and Windows for many years, but […]

vSphere Upgrade Saga: 6.7 Update Does Not Happen

My latest vSphere 6.7 upgrade issues were troublesome, frustrating, and problematic. VMware Update Manager (VUM) would not update a host. I tried to do an update many ways at many times, but it always showed as out of compliance even though the version of ESXi installed was the most recent version. VUM was broken. Or […]

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Upgrading NSX-V

I use VMware NSX-V to provide security services for my virtual environment: edge gateway and distributed firewall. These services do not require the software-defined networking features to be enabled. At least not yet. That could change. Given my use for security, upgrading NSX-V is important to my environment. Here are the steps I follow when […]