In The Virtualization Practice’s whitepaper –  Presentation Virtualisation Solutions – we look to give you a summary of what benefits Presentation Virtualization can bring to your enterprise.
Presentation Virtualization allows the creation of virtual sessions, each interacting with a remote desktop system. The applications executing within those sessions rely on presentation virtualization to project their user interfaces remotely. Each session may only run a single application, or it might present its user with a complete desktop offering multiple applications. In either case, several virtual sessions utilize the same installed copy of an application and a single server OS.
These benefits have made Presentation Virtualization an attractive solution, not only to large enterprises, but also to small and medium scale businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Presentation Virtualisation can reduce the cost of ownership, reduce energy costs, ease manageability and increase user productivity.
In Presentation Virtualisation Solutions – we look to give you a summary of benefits that Presentation Virtualization (also known as Terminal Services, or Remote Desktop Session Host) can bring to your enterprise, and assistance with selecting a PV solution. We also take an overview of a range of current products that can help you deliver a PV service, providing you with an Presentation Virtualization product comparison of functions and costs to help you determine which solution is best for your organisation. These products include:

  • Aqua Connect Terminal Server
  • Citrix’s XenApp 6.5
  • Dell (Quest’s) vWorkspace
  • Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView
  • Geniut’s ThinWorx
  • GraphOn’s Go-Global
  • Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Session Host
  • Propalms’ TSE
  • Systancia’s AppliDis Fusion
  • Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop v3
  • 2x, ApplicationServerXG

Please access the white paper below: