Codeweavers CrossOver Office 11.2.0 and Red Alert 3, Rise of Nations

I recently upgraded my Codeweavers CrossOver Office from v10 to v11, and found some interesting changes that caused a little consternation, but also fixed a game I wanted to try and play, Red Alert 3. Eventually, I will try Uprising but first things first, this change will most likely fix all the Command and Conquer games in the future. Yet, Rise of Nations failed to work with 11.2 but worked just fine with the redacted CrossOver Games.

CrossOver Office 11.2 imports games from CrossOver Games as they are now a single source and product. Easier for them to manage as well as you to manage. However, the first problem is that after importing a working version of Rise Of Nations, the game failed to work. Going back to the last version of CrossOver Games fixed this problem. I hope eventually to find out how to fix Rise of Nations for CrossOver Office v11, but for now, I really just want the game to work.

I have had an ongoing problem with Red Alert 3 however. It would not get past the authorization mechanism due to an issue with connecting to the server. All the instructions said to change various libraries to builtin from native and visa versa but it just plain did not work. The first thing was to allow certain ports to go out and into my firewall following the EA instructions for RA3. But since that did not work, I allowed the host running CrossOver Office v11 to access any port anywhere going OUT, but not IN. This means that I only accept established connections to come back IN to the host.

Then while trying to fix a display issue related to the NVIDIA drivers I chose to use, I discovered a really important function of CrossOver v11 which was also available on v10. I just overlooked it and that was the feature that allowed me to tell the CrossOver Office wine bottle to ‘Use Native Web Browser by Default.

CrossOver Office v11 Manage Bottles Advanced Options
CrossOver Office v11 Manage Bottles Advanced Options

After clicking on that link, I was able to properly run RA3. It was simple, and it was simple to overlook for the last few times, I have tried. This also kept me from running CNC4, which is a game I wanted to really try, given the new graphics.

The other issue I had since upgrading to CrossOver Office v11 is with the way graphics worked, some games and tools required me to run the desktop within a window where this was not required for previous versions, yet I had migrated from RHEL5 to RHEL6 and at the same time upgraded the NVIDIA driver to a much higher version, v302.17. I tried v173.14.31 but I had the same results. Which makes me think that the issue is related to RHEL6 and not the graphics drivers themselves.

This new wrinkle was from choosing the wrong resolution. It appears that while the monitor supports 1920×1200, that a 1024×768 resolution works best. Which is far less than it used to use, but alas, it is what I have to work with, this resolution solved all of my full screen display issues.

Edward Haletky

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