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vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing vCLI on RHEL 6

When using Symantec Critical System Protection (CSP) with VMware vSphere ESXi you are required to use a collector to interact with vSphere ESXi. That collector can be of RHEL or SLES types of Linux. In my case I use RHEL 6, so need a collector that has on it at least two things: vSphere vCLI and the CSP Linux agent.  RHEL 6 exists as a template within my environment so cloning it is not a major issue but after you clone there are a few things that have to happen to install vCLI and the other components. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing vCLI on RHEL 6

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Remediate Updates when vCops or vShield in Use

Remediation of vSphere patches when vCops and vShield is in use poses several problems.  These problems came to be as I prepared myself to apply the most recent set of updates. Actually my first updates since moving to vSphere 5. The problems can be surmised as two VMware Update Manager failures:

vSphere Upgrade Saga: vShield Edge Missing Manual

I bit the bullet and implemented vShield Edge within my environment along side my existing virtual firewall (thankfully I have some other IP available). But this was not without its problems, it appears there is some critical information missing from the manuals. After a call to VMware, I noticed my mistake (which I actually forgot was necessary). Finally, I have a working vShield Edge but the documents still need a bit of work. Hopefully, these notes will help those going forward. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: vShield Edge Missing Manual

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Fixing VMware VDR

I have been running VMware Data Recovery (VDR)  through its paces for quite a while now and while it works, I am not sold on it yet. I have had way too many problems related to the target datastore. Specifically, a continual failed integrity check. Everything ran fine for a while and then poof, a failure, and just when I needed it the most.  It has been a very frustrating state of affairs. But I finally found a solution that is working for now. In the meantime I will be running Veeam Backup and Replication, Quest vRanger, PHD Virtual, and several other backup tools through their paces. Continue reading vSphere Upgrade Saga: Fixing VMware VDR